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If you work in roofing, you must know the value of having solid coverage without any gaps or leaks. At Tradesure we work on the same level, making sure you’re covered with roofing insurance for every aspect of your job – leaving no holes in your paperwork.

We only work with tradies and subbies – that’s how we know so much about insurance and public liability for roofers. More than just your basic insurance cover, we can tailor-make an entire roofing insurance package to suit you and your specific work. Think of us like cladding – securing all your insurance needs under one roof.


When you are on a project, it’s normal to have tools and your safety gear on a roof. Unfortunately there is only so much you can do to make them obvious to others, but there will always be some risk of people tripping over them. This is where a good Roofing Public Liability Insurance comes in and will protect you from possible financial loss.

Public Liability covers injury to third parties and damage to property of third parties that you and your employees are responsible for in the course of your business, Legal fees incurred during a claim are also covered by this policy. Our prices start at $35.97 a month for $5,000,000 limit.

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There is no getting around it, sometimes you need extended time off because of an accident or illness. Then the worries start about how long you can stretch the savings before they bottom out. Usually not long enough. Illness and Injury Insurance can continue to support your income if you are unable to work for a period of time due to getting sick or sustaining an injury. Tradesure cover will provide for you even if you break your leg recreating the mustering scene from ‘The Man from Snowy River’ on your horse or catch the measles visiting your sister. 24/7 – at work or on the weekend.


Quality roofers tools are essential for carrying out your trade well. Most tradies gradually collect their tools over years, buying pieces as they need them. Have you ever thought about the cost of replacing them all in one go? Does it make you sweat? Covering your tools with Tradesure Tool Insurance provides for the cost of replacements if they get stolen from your van, workshop or trailer. Stop sweating and call our team, it could be cheaper than you think.


Did you know your work vehicle insurance probably doesn’t cover your trailer and the tools and stock you are carrying in it if you’re in an accident? Tradesure’s Trade Trailer Insurance will protect your trailer if it is involved in a crash or if your vehicle is stolen with the trailer attached. This ,combined with our tools insurance, covers the trailer as well as the tools inside it.


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