Need to make a claim?

When the unexpected happens, it helps to have an expert on your side to help you navigate through the claims process with ease. At Tradesure we’re here to help. Should anything happen on-site, and you need to make a claim, contact our team before you lodge, we can explain what you need to do.

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Before you claim:

    • 1

      Do you need to contact emergency services? If yes, please call 000

    • 2

      Are you or those around you hurt or need assistance

    • 3

      Is it safe? Are there any threats that could cause further injury or damage?

    Tips to claiming

    A claim is where the coverage of your insurance hits the road. It can be a long process so here are some hints to help smooth out the process.

    • Keep the details of your policy safe and accessible, it’s the fastest way to understanding what you’re covered for
    • Details of the incident. The more detail you can provide, the better. This helps inform claims assessors who investigate the incident
    • Police Report details (if required). Should there be emergency service involved, make sure you get access to the police report.
    • Detail of each item being claimed. Particularly in the event of theft, exact details of items help assessors in calculating the claim. Showing evidence of ownership (scanned receipts) is also an important detail to think about.

    Notify us of a claim

    If you have a claim please call our team on 1800 872 331. Alternatively, please complete some basic details and our team will be in contact with you very shortly.

    Simple Tradesure claim notification

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      Please upload supporting documentation, photographs or other evidence to support your claim.
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