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Our driving force is to help insure subbies and tradies in a way that suits their workplace and their wallets. As well as tailoring policies for carpenters and painters, we also put our pedal to the metal with tailored motor trades insurance policies for mechanics, smash repairers, panel beaters, tyre retailers and a whole range of tradies within the automotive industry as listed bellow;

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  • Automotive Electricians
  • Auto Transmission
  • Vehicle Windscreen replacement repairs
  • Brake & Clutch repairers
  • Engine Reconditioners
  • Tyre Retailers
  • Smash Repairs
  • Steering and Suspension
  • Mechanics
  • Mobile Mechanics
  • Exhaust and Muffler
  • Motor Vehicle parts & accessories sales
  • Motor Trimmers
  • Radiator Specialist
  • Rust Proofing & Paint Protection
  • Repairs/Servicing
  • Service Stations
  • Panel Beaters
  • Motor Repairers


This is possibly one of the most important insurances available to any business involved in the Motor Trade. Items you need to consider when assessing what Public Liability Insurance cover you need can include;

Relevant details insurers need to know include;

* Do you drive customers vehicle and they are damaged in an accident what covers are available,

* Do you repair exotic or high value vehicles,

* Do you repair or service commercial vehicles over 2 tonnes carrying capacity,

* Do you repair or service earthmoving equipment or other mobile machinery,

* Do you have a mobile service and repairs division?

All these factors are important in determining the correct cover for your business as some insurers exclude your liability on some of these vehicles. Our experienced and well trained staff are equipped to give you options on the insurance that suits you best.


Cover for buildings, contents, machinery and plant, should represent the full replacement price. The sum insured on stock and customers vehicles/accessories should represent the full value at cost price. Insuring for the correct values is important on this section as underinsurance penalties apply in the event of  claim if you are insufficiently insured.


Covers loss of income due to a claim under the Fire & Perils section. You can select either the full Gross Profit or Weekly Benefit option. Ask one of our staff to explain the difference in these options to see which option suits your cover and budget requirements best.

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This covers theft due to forcible entry to your business premises of contents, stock, tools and customers vehicles and accessories. You can select a sum insured that you think will be adequate to suit your situation on this section and the insurer will pay claims up to that amount regardless of the full value as no underinsurance penalties apply to this section.Cover can include employees tools as well as some cover for contents at but outside  your premises.


Cover business money (cash) on the premises, in a safe, In transit and at home. Speak with our staff about the limit of cover you require and actually where you require the cover. We recommend when considering the amount of cover for this section that you also take into consideration  electronic transfers and  credit cards as the amount of these do not require any inclusion.


This is cover for Mobile Tools and Equipment away from your premises and in transit. This is particularly relevant for mobile mechanics and for those who attend customers vehicle away from their premises.


This covers breakage to any external or internal glass. If you are renting a premises you may need to check your lease or rental agreement to see if you are responsible for any Glass breakage.

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This covers embezzlement of business monies by employees. If you have an employee paying and collecting your bills you may need to consider this as most of us are aware of a business that has been embezzled by an employee.


This covers the cost of repairs to electric motors and electronic equipment due to an unforeseen breakdown. We can give you the cost of insuring individual items if you prefer rather than a blanket cover as there may be some items which could be expensive to repair that you need this particular cover for.


Cover goods in transit to and from your premises in the event an accident, fire or overturning of the conveying vehicle.


This covers the cost of your accountants fees in the event of  a tax or GST audit. Speak to us or your accountant about this to ascertain if there is a need for this in your business.

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This covers your liability in relation to any advice you give or any forms you may complete. Examples of these forms are Safety Certificates( RWC) and  pre-purchase inspections. It is important to note that claims under this section are admissible on a claims made basis i.e. it covers not when the incident happened but when the claim is made against you.


This covers damage to customer’s vehicle whilst being driven regardless of fault. Driving Risk under the Public Liability section covers at fault claims only and as you can imagine this can be a long drawn out process  having a customer’s vehicle repaired, particularly if there is a dispute between parties on who is at fault. Some Motor Trades businesses seem to reply on the fact that the customers motor vehicle insurer will pay a claim in the event of an accident. Although the vehicles insurer may in fact cover the vehicle in this instance, the insurer of the motor vehicle may have recourse to recover the amount of the claim if the Motor Trader or one of his employees are at fault. Also from our experience Motor Trader business owners usually do not know in most cases if the owner has insured the vehicle or not, and even if they have insurance will their insurance cover anyone driving the vehicle?


Often Motor Traders have vehicles they use in the business or have loan vehicles for customers. These can be insured either for full comprehensive cover to third party property damage only. Speak to one of our consultants if you have work or loan vehicles that require insurance.

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If you have employees then you need to have them covered by Workers Compensation (Work Cover in some States). At Tradesure we can obtain competitive Workers Compensation premiums for you with Australia’s biggest insurers who also provide an efficient and proactive claims service. We also recommend that you check with your local state authority to see that any of your subcontractors maybe classed as employees under your states Workers Compensation legislation and that you may be required by law to insure subbies under your Workers Compensation policy.


Tradesure can also set you up with mechanic’s Professional Indemnity to protect you and your business when incorrect advice (written or verbal) is given. What if it was found that you missed something on a Roadworthy/Safety Certificate which resulted in a claim against you?

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We understand it’s important that claims be dealt with as soon as possible. Tradesure Insurance Claims receive priority and we have a dedicated team member to support you with any claims you make, to ensure sure you receive your full entitlements as soon as possible.


We understand that not all mechanics will need all covers. That’s why we can tailor a Motor Trade insurance policy to suit your particular circumstance. Our experienced insurance advisers will be more than glad to assess your needs. As an added bonus, we also offer mechanics and motor tradies the chance to pay insurance premiums by the month through Premium Funding (Additional charges apply).

For all your Motor Trade Insurance needs contact Tradesure on 1800 872 331, complete our Quote Request form or fill in our Enquiry Form and one of our team will contact you.

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