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Landscapers understand good design. You know what type of paving presents well and which specific plants will work in a client’s courtyard. At Tradesure, we are focused on tailoring insurances and service to fit just right. We specialise in insurance cover for landscapers. Our professional team can arrange an insurance package which covers your specific needs as a landscaper including the absolute essentials like Public Liability Insurance.


Public Liability Insurance can protect you if you directly or indirectly cause damage to someone else’s property or an injury to a third party while working on a job site. It is often a requirement and can provide financial aid in the event that an accident causing injury or damage occurs.

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We appreciate the value of the tools of your trade and the fact that without them it is virtually impossible for you as a landscaper to continue working. Our tools/equipment cover is based on replacement value of the items in the event of a claim and not the tools depreciated value.

What’s covered with our Tool Insurance:

Your tools and stock for Fire & Specified Perils, Flood, Theft following forcible entry to a locked building or locked vehicle, damage in transit due to a collision or overturning of the vehicle the items are in.

Important Information
* Covered Australia wide in any vehicle or building
* Cover for Stock up to $2,000
* Cover for any one item up to $2k automatically  – if any items need insurance are over $2k, these will  to be specified (no charge)
* You can also include Electronic items for Accidental Damage up to $1,000 which is additional to the standard cover– these need to be specified.  *QBE Policies only

Please Note – our standard excess is $500 per claim (not per item). 

Prices start at $14.94 per month for up to $5k cover for Trade Tool Insurance.


Tradesure’s Commercial Motor Vehicle will have you covered if your work vehicles and or trailer gets stolen or is in an accident – regardless if it happens around the home, work or on the road. Premiums can be paid monthly (Available through Premium Funding – Additional charges apply) and start at $14.99 a month for up to $5,000. Call us on 1800 872 331 to get a quote on your work vehicles, trailers and any mobile machinery.


To ensure our trade clients are adequately insured, we strongly recommend sickness and accident insurance to protect their income. Think about your own financial situation, your ability to provide for yourself and your dependants, plus the effect it would have on your business if you were unable to work due to an accident or sickness.

At Tradesure we think this is one of the most important insurances any self employed landscaper can have. We have a range of choices including 1. Accident and Sickness and 2. Accident Only cover, with varying benefit periods (the maximum time you will be paid) from 1 year up to 5 years for Accident Claims and up to 2 years for sickness claims.

Tradesure offers 24/7 Illness and Injury Insurance that has you covered whether you get hurt at work or get sick on vacation and offers monthly premiums through Premium Funding (Additional charges apply).


Contract Works cover damage to the work you are doing while under construction from occurrences such as flood, storm, theft of materials and fire. Although this is often insured by the builder on projects, there maybe cause for you as a contractor to insure the work/contract you are undertaking. To ascertain if this is required, we suggest you check your contract details.  As a landscaper you can insure any single contract or have an Annual Contract Works policy to cover all the work you do. Monthly premiums are available through Premium Funding (Additional charges apply).


If you have employees then you need to have them covered by Workers Compensation (Work Cover in some States). At Tradesure we can obtain competitive Workers Compensation premiums for you with Australia’s biggest insurers who also provide an efficient and proactive claims service. We also recommend that you check with your local state authority to see that any of your subcontractors maybe classed as employees under your states Workers Compensation legislation and that you may be required by law to insure subbies under your Workers Compensation policy.


We understand it’s important that claims be dealt with as quickly as possible.  If your claim details and paper work are in order, we guarantee a maximum 5 business days settlement on your tools claim.  Trade Insurance Claims receive priority and we have a dedicated team member to support you with any claims you make, to make sure you receive your full entitlements as soon as possible.


At Tradesure we understand it can be very frustrating organising your insurances. When you team up with us, one of our experienced insurance advisers will talk you through every aspect of your insurances – not just Public Liability for landscapers. Your essential Tradesure landscaper insurance premiums are easy to manage as we offer a pay by the month option (Available through Premium Funding – Additional charges apply).

For all your Landscaping Insurance needs contact Tradesure on 1800 872 331 or complete our Quote Request form and one of our team will contact you.

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