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Keeping a clear picture in mind of what the end result needs to be is a skill good gardeners must have, however best to back your services with the right gardeners insurance. Your clients often don’t notice the shrub you trimmed to perfection, but they will notice that the view from the patio is amazing now. Paying attention to the details results in a great outcome. The Tradesure team are specialists at insurance specifics, our experienced advisers know how to customise a gardening business insurance package to provide your business with the best cover.


Protect your gardening business with top quality Public Liability Insurance. It can protect you if you directly or indirectly cause damage to someone else’s property or an injury to a third party while working on a job site. It is often a requirement and can provide financial aid in the event that an accident causing injury or damage occurs.

Protecting yourself and your business is Tradesure’s priority. Our experienced team help find the right insurance products for a huge range of trades and occupations, meaning your business has the support it needs should a situation which could arise in your trade

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Gardening is a very hands on, physical job. Gardeners need to have natural steady feet, but even the most balanced gardener can trip or fall in an always changing environment. Accident and Sickness Insurance, or illness and injury insurance as it’s sometimes called, will allow you to continue to have an income if you are sick or involved in an accident. The advantage of Tradesure cover is we will provide cover even if you catch pneumonia fishing on holidays or break your toe in the park playing with your kids. 24/7 – at work or on the weekend.


Replacing your mower, trimmer or chainsaw would set you back a dollar or two, in fact it could cost your business a packet. Disturbingly, theft of tools is something which can happen even when you are being very careful and locking them away. The cost of new equipment to replace the gear you have accumulated over your career would surprise you. Could your business take a big expense like that out of the blue? Covering your valuable tools with Tools Insurance provides for the cost of replacements and can get you back on the job sooner, for as little as $15.87*per month for $5000 cover.


Is your work trailer covered if you have an accident or if your car gets stolen? Quite often your trailer is not included in your vehicle insurance so the trailer and all the gear in it would be lost. We know gardeners need to carry around a load of equipment everywhere they go. That’s why our Trade Trailer Insurance combined with our tools insurance covers the trailer as well as the tools inside it.


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