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As an Electrician, we understand that your insurance needs are very specific and you need a policy that suits your business, a one-size fits all electrical contractors insurance won’t cut it. At Tradesure we know electrical contractors and tradies and we understand how electricians run their businesses.

Our Tradesure team is on hand to answer all enquiries – real people working with you to answer your questions and provide a tailored electrician insurance policy to cater for your situation. Importantly, at Tradesure our premiums are very competitive and to make payment even more affordable and easy, we offer pay by the month premiums (Available through Premium Funding – Additional charges apply)


Public Liability Insurance is essential for all electrical contractors and electrical businesses. It can protect you if you directly or indirectly cause damage to someone else’s property or an injury to a third party while working on a job site. It is often a requirement and can provide financial aid in the event that an accident causing injury or damage occurs

* For Queensland and Tasmanian Electricians we meet the ECA Public Liability requirements.

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We understand the importance to you of your business tools and equipment and the fact that without them it is virtually impossible for you to continue working. Tradesure provides trade specific Work Tool Insurance for all your mobile electrical equipment, stock and tools.

What’s covered with our Tool Insurance:

Your tools and stock for Fire & Specified Perils, Flood, Theft following forcible entry to a locked building or locked vehicle, damage in transit due to a collision or overturning of the vehicle the items are in.

Important Information
* Covered Australia wide in any vehicle or building
* Cover for Stock up to $2,000
* Cover for any one item up to $2k automatically  – if any items need insurance are over $2k, these will  to be specified (no charge)
* You can also include Electronic items for Accidental Damage up to $1,000 which is additional to the standard cover– these need to be specified.  *QBE Policies only

Please Note – our standard excess is $500 per claim (not per item). 

Prices start at $14.94 per month complete our Quote Request form or fill in our Enquiry Form and one of our team will contact you.

For insurance for business premises, please contact one of our friendly team members at Tradesure on 1800 872 331.


Electricians and tradies commonly cover their work vehicle and their tools, but neglect to cover their most important asset – their income. Tradesure’s Illness and Injury Insurance provides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week insurance cover. Not to be confused with WorkCover, Illness and Injury Insurance is quite a different matter. It’s designed to pay an income when you are unable to work whether the cause of your injury or illness is work related or not 24/7.


As an electrician you probably have a work van or trailer to transport your tools and equipment to job sites.A work vehicle/trailer is like a third arm, you can’t carry out your job without it. Protect your assets and your livelihood with Tradesure Work Vehicle/Trailer Insurance. Premiums start from $14.99 per month on work trailers up to $5,000.


Contract Works covers damage to the work you are doing while under construction from occurrences such as flood, storm, theft of materials and fire. Although this is often insured by the builder on projects, there maybe cause for you as a electrician to insure the work/contract you are undertaking.  As an electrician you can insure any single contract or have an Annual Contract Works policy to cover all the work you do. Monthly premiums are available through Premium Funding (Additional charges apply).


If you have employees then you need to have them covered by Workers Compensation (Work Cover in some States). At Tradesure we can obtain competitive Workers Compensation premiums for you with Australia’s biggest insurers who also provide an efficient and proactive claims service. We also recommend that you check with your local state authority to see that any of your subcontractors maybe classed as employees under your states Workers Compensation legislation and that you may be required by law to insure subbies under your Workers Compensation policy.


We understand it’s important that tools claims be dealt with as soon as possible. If your claim details and paper work are in order, we guarantee a maximum 5 business day settlement on your claim. Tradesure Insurance Claims receive priority and we have a dedicated team member to support you with any claims you make, to make sure you receive your full entitlements as soon as possible.


Tradesure’s professional advisers can bundle your insurance into a comprehensive package that includes work vehicle, commercial trailer, trade tools, Public Liability, and business premises insurance. When you call Tradesure you will speak to a real person who understands the insurance needs for electricians and other tradesmen.

At Tradesure, we work with great efficiency to provide the best possible insurance policy with affordable premiums and exceptional service. Client testimonials attest to the service we provide.

For all your Electrician Insurance needs contact Tradesure on 1800 872 331, complete our Quote Request form and one of our team will contact you.

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