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Creating precisely fitting, custom cabinets is a skill cabinet makers train years to perfect. Ensuring each cabinet accurately slots into the desired place is a day to day challenge for a cabinet maker. At Tradesure we also fill our days customising insurance to fit your business needs absolutely. Our team tailor insurance packages for your trades specific requirements, so you don’t pay for insurance you don’t need or miss out on the cover you do.

Protecting yourself and your business is Tradesure’s priority. Public Liability Insurance will protect you if you directly or indirectly cause damage to someone else’s property or an injury to a third party while working on a job site. It is often a requirement and will provide financial aid in the event that an accident causing injury or damage occurs.

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How much work could you do if your drill, clamps or saw went missing? Not much? Yes, that’s what we thought. Tools get taken from jobs all the time, regardless of how well you secure them, and tradies find themselves out of work and out of pocket. Secure your trade essentials with Trade Tools Insurance. This cover will provide replacement tools and get you back to work sooner, without the big cash outlay.


Your work trailer is a handy place to lock up your tools, transport cabinets or benchtops and store all the bit’s and pieces you use every day. Unfortunately, not all work vehicle insurance covers your trailer if it was to get stolen or involved in an accident. Taking out Tradesure Trade Trailer Insurance looks after your trailer and the things you store in it. This policy will specifically cover your trailer and its contents in the event of damage or theft.


Nobody expects to get sick or injure themselves, but doctors waiting rooms and hospital emergency departments are proof that it happens all the time. How would your business cope if you were unable to work for a week or two, or even a month. (6 weeks is the average time a broken bone needs to be in cast.) Illness and Injury Insurance can keep your business going while you recover. The benefit of Tradesman illness and injury insurance is it covers you on and off the job. If you break your arm at ballroom dancing lessons or catch chicken pox visiting your cousin, we will cover you.


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