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Top Tradies know that Tool Insurance is a no-brainer.
We’re committed to no-fuss insurance with real benefits

Tools Insurance gives you these benefits (and more):

  • Stock insurance
  • Monthly premium payments – Available through Premium Funding (Additional charges apply)
  • Full ‘new for old’ replacement value for your tools
  • Cover for named items worth over $2,000
  • A fast and effective claims process
  • Minimal impact on your business cashflow
  • Minimal interruption to your work schedule
  • Exceptional client service from Tradesure


Tool Insurance is a solid investment in your business, your family and yourself.

In the event of a claim, you’ll save time and money. And possibly your livelihood too. Tools Insurance represents strong peace of mind that’s worth every cent. Ask us about Trailer Insurance if you use a trailer for tools storage and transport. Contact Tradesure for easy and efficient protection for your tools that doesn’t cost the earth.


An unexpected flood could change your life forever.

If you’re uninsured, the short-term and long-term consequences of theft, fire, floods, explosions, accidents or vandalism could be devastating.

The financial impact could mean ruin, heartbreak and humiliation.

Your tools and work equipment are key assets that you can’t do without. You know you should protect them.

At Tradesure we’re passionate about helping you do the right thing for your business and family.


The devil’s in the detail and it’s far too easy to overlook the small print.

This is why Tradesure staff use clear, everyday language to make sure you fully understand your Tools Insurance policy.

Did you know:

Tools and/or stock left in the open or unsecured on site may not be protected?

Tools and/or stock are not covered when being transported by a commercial carrier, such as a courier service?

A standard excess of $500 applies?

Tools worth more than $2000 need to be individually named, or your insurer may not pay the full replacement value?

Any questions? Contact Tradesure. We know Tradies and we understand insurance.


Keeping a list of the value of your tools and stock makes it easy to keep tabs on your most important assets. To help with knowing the right amount to insure them for, we recommend you speak to your Accountant and keep an up-to-date Tools & Stock Inventory.  Having this up to date information will also help in the event of a claim.

Tradies Tool Insurance FAQs

Tool Insurance will cover the tools and equipment you use for your trade. It will provide assistance to repair or replace these items in the event of theft, fire, floods, explosions, accidents or vandalism.

If you employ other tradespeople or contractors, it’s important that you talk to your insurer to amend your policy to ensure they are covered or if they need to take out their own tool insurance. Every policy is different which is why it is best to talk to the insurance experts.

Tools or stock left in the open or unsecured on site may not be protected, as well as when they are being transported by a commercial carrier, such as a courier service.

It’s important that you talk to a Tradesure insurance expert to determine when exactly your tools won’t be covered by insurance.