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If you’re a Tradie with a trailer then you most likely use that trailer to carry and store most of your work tools and equipment, therefore you need trailer insurance. This could be anything from an air compressor for a Carpenter, a water jetter for a Plumber or maybe just somewhere for your tools. Now imagine what would happen if someone was to rear end you into the trailer or maybe steal your work vehicle with trailer attached. Most people have insurance for their car, so this is easily repaired or replaced. But without Trailer Insurance, you are now out of pocket for whatever it costs to repair or replace your trailer so you can take your tools and equipment with you to site. Could you afford this?


Many comprehensive commercial vehicle insurance policies will cover your trailer if it is damaged or stolen whilst attached to your vehicle. However, they have a limit to how much they will pay out and it doesn’t cover the trailer if it isn’t attached to the vehicle. So if you are a Tradesperson that unhooks your trailer from your vehicle regularly (eg. leave it at the work site whilst picking up supplies etc), then this is where Trailer Insurance comes in. Trailer Insurance will cover your trailer for a specified value, whether it is attached to your vehicle or not.

Don’t forget to ask us about insuring your work vehicle as well!


Tradesure can organise Trailer Insurance for your work trailer, so contact us for a quote. If you use a trailer for your work and would find it difficult if something was to happen to it, then why wouldn’t you get trailer insurance?

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Tradies Trailer Insurance FAQs

Trailer Insurance will provide cover for a range of events that result in damage to or loss of your
trailer. This includes theft, fire, floods, explosions, accidents or vandalism.

Yes! Trailer Insurance is most useful for tradies that regularly unhitch their trailer from their
vehicle to leave at their worksite. Some comprehensive vehicle insurances include a trailer if it is
attached, but will only cover a certain amount and won’t cover it when it isn’t attached. If
anything happens to your trailer, no matter where it is, trailer insurance will have you covered.

No matter what trailer you have, Tradesure Trailer Insurance will have you covered. Talk to one
of our insurance experts today!