Personal Injury & Illness Insurance or Personal Accident & Illness Insurance

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24/7 cover for you

Personal Injury & Illness Insurance covers tradespeople 24/7 whether you are at work, at home or kicking the footy in the park with the kids.


Up to 5 years financial benefits

Personal Injury & Illness Insurance provides up to five years of financial benefits if you have an accident and up to two years financial benefits if you get sick and can’t go to work.


Covers you at work and home

Unlike WorkCover, Personal Injury & Illness Insurance covers more than just work related incidents. Many Tradespeople think that Personal Injury & Illness Insurance will only cover them while they are at work. However, Personal Injury & Illness Insurance is a 24/7 insurance policy which covers tradespeople if they fall off a ladder at home, hurt themselves kicking the footy with their kids or are stricken by serious illness.


A regular income while you recover

For tradies, Personal Injury & illness Insurance provides continued regular income while they take time off to recover. In some cases, it allows them to employ people in their business as they may not be able to rely on business profits for income.


Can you survive 6 months without any income?

At Tradesure we often ask tradies how they would cope if they were off work for six months. Would they have enough savings to cover the cost of the rent, mortgage or car payments or their most basic living expenses?


You insure your car  . . . What about your body?

Injury & Illness insurance can be the most important insurance cover a tradesperson can have. Tradies readily have commercial vehicle insurance and tools insurance but they’ll often overlook covering themselves against sickness and accident which can prevent them from earning an income for significant periods of time.


But it will never happen to you . . . right?

Many Tradies have never really thought about it, and they soon realise that they can’t afford to have an “it’ll never happen to me attitude”.


As you get older the risks increase

Sickness and ill-health increases with age and experience has shown that many self-employed tradies particularly over the age of 45 years will be out of work for around three months or longer, at some time during their working life.


It may be a requirement

While it is not a universal requirement, some tradies are not allowed to enter a work site without Personal Injury & Illness Insurance, while others may not be paid by the contractor if they don’t have a current Policy in place to comply with the terms of their contract.


Approvals are needed

Applying for and being accepted by the insurance company for Personal Injury & Illness Insurance requires the completion of a brief health statement. Approval time is usually 24 hours, however on occasions we have achieved urgent Personal Injury & Illness Insurance approval within a couple of hours.


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