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Insurance For Builders

Protecting your build during construction

Builders Insurance provides certainty and peace of mind to individual builders and construction business owners. It covers any building works for loss or damage during construction.

Whether you’re working as a sole trader builder, in a building partnership or own a medium or large building company, Builders Insurance is a must-have policy.

In general, Builders Insurance will cover loss or damage caused by:

  • Theft
  • Wind
  • Storms
  • Malicious damage
  • Floods
  • Cyclones
  • Landslides or subsidence
  • Fire
  • Earthquake

Since 2006 the team at Tradesure has been dedicated to providing Builders Insurance for individual builders, builder partnerships and medium and large construction businesses owners. As part of Regional Insurance Brokers, we have offices located throughout Queensland and are one of Australia’s largest Insurance Brokers & Financial Services providers.


What is Builders Insurance?

Tradesure Builders Insurance (often referred to as Contract Works Insurance or Construction Insurance) offers:

  • Cover during construction for theft, malicious damage, weather damage and more: Builders Insurance will cover any building works for loss or damage during construction. It generally covers loss or damage caused by theft, malicious damage, wind, storms, floods, cyclones, landslides or subsidence, fire and earthquake.
  • Additional benefits: Our Builders Insurance policy also offers automatic additional benefits that include cover for spec and display homes. 
  • Cover for alterations and additions: Cover can include alterations and additions to your builds during the course of their construction.

Builders Insurance provides cover against a variety of natural and manmade incidents that can pose a real risk during your build. And most importantly, if you ever need to make a claim, your insurer will take care of things for you quickly and painlessly.

Having Builders Insurance gives you peace of mind. But it’s important to have the correct builders insurance…

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Who Needs Builders Insurance?

When you’re in the building game, Builders Insurance is a must…

Whether you’re:

  • A sole trader builder
  • Working in a building partnership
  • An owner of a medium or large building company

The right Builders Insurance provides peace of mind and the ability to do your job with confidence. Builders Insurance protects your


Why Get Builders Insurance?

Let’s say a ‘supercell’ freak weather event occurred over the weekend, wild winds and rain randomly tore through neighbouring suburbs. 

You’ve just been informed that the event has destroyed most of the completed building work on 4 houses in the new estate your construction company is currently overseeing…

All that work just completed is ruined, construction materials, tools and machinery are damaged or destroyed and it’s going to cost a fortune to get back on track.

How would you cope?

Fortunately for you and your business, you took out a Tradesure Builders Insurance policy recently so you’re covered and can feel confident, because we’ll take care of things quickly and painlessly.

That’s peace of mind.

Builders Insurance covers your build during construction for theft, malicious damage, and damaged caused by wind, storms, floods, cyclones, landslides, fire and earthquake.

So, if you’re an individual builder, in a builder partnership or an owner of a medium to large construction business, Builders Insurance is invaluable…

At Tradesure, builders are one of our largest customer groups – so when it comes to Builders Insurance, we know our stuff. We know how you operate your businesses and most importantly, we understand that you need insurance that is specific to your field and business circumstances. 

Builders Insurances is our speciality, and that means we can give you the best possible Builders Insurance cover at the most competitive price. 

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