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Since 2006, our team has been developing a specialty in the area of Builder’s Contract Works Insurance. We’ve negotiated keener premiums and looking at ways to offer additional discounts to your construction insurance policy.


Cover for theft, malicious damage, weather damage and more

Construction Insurance or Contract Works Insurance will cover any building works for loss or damage during construction. It generally covers loss or damage caused by theft, malicious damage, wind, storms, floods, cyclones, landslides or subsidence, fire and earthquake.

Cover for while you build

If it is built, you need Building Insurance, if it is being built, you need Contract Works Insurance.

Our policy has additional benefits

Our Builders Contract Works Insurance policy also features many automatic additional benefits that can include cover for spec and display homes. During the period of insurance, your Builder’s Contract Works cover can include alterations and additions to your builds during the course of their erection.

Call for a free quote

If you’d like to know more about Builder’s Contract Works Insurance, call us for a free no obligation quote where you can ask questions and seek a clearer understanding of how Tradesure’s Construction Insurance may better suit you and your work. Call us today on 1800 872 331.

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Bundle and save 20%

The Tradesure team can now offer Subbies and Tradies a 20% standard discount (subject to claims history) on their Builder’s Contract Works Insurance. To be eligible for further discounts, combine your Material Damage and Public Liability sections.

Pay by the month helps your cashflow

We understand the cost of a one-off annual premium can make a substantial impact on your cashflow and may even require additional financing to cover that fee. The Solution is our Pay by the Month option which is offered to you through Premium Funding (Additional charges apply).

It is a little complex, but we can help . . that’s why we’re here

Contract Works is a complex area of insurance. Put simply, a builder taking out Construction Insurance needs to provide an annual estimate of their turnover (during the time frame of the policy) including the details of the maximum contract amount. At the end of the term of the contract works insurance policy, should the builder’s estimated expenditure be less than expected, a refund is issued. Alternatively, if the estimated expenditure has been exceeded, the builder will be invoiced for the additional costs.

Contact us to get a quote

Because of the complexities we are unable to give a price indication here without knowing some details. But we can get you a price fast just by speaking to us or submitting a quote request on the trade insurance quote form, we can get a pretty firm price to you within an hour.


Want piece of mind? Get the right insurance

Whether you own a medium to large building company or you operate as a sole trader or you’re involved in a partnership, it’s important to have the correct builders insurance. The right contract insurance will provide you certainty for the future and peace of mind. To find out more about  insurance options contact your Tradesure representative or obtain a trade insurance quote on line.

Business insurance – and specifically Tradies business insurance – can be as broad or as defined as you need. It can be bundled or packaged to include business insurance products such as general property, public liability, tax audit, income protection, transit and statutory liability. You can also add Tradie specific insurance including tools insurance and work vehicle insurance.

Do you have a business premises? Even a shed or workshop

You should also consider Business Property Insurance, which is essentially insurance cover against loss or damage to buildings, contents and stock which might be the result of fire, storm and water. This is particularly important if you work from a shed or you have a workshop. Tradies insurance can also cover theft from your premises and breakage to glass. Ensure your Business Insurance pack that covers all of the above, so ask your Tradesure representative for a trade insurance quote. It is important to talk to us as there are exclusions that need to be considered and we recommend that you discuss these exclusions as well as the inclusions with your Business Insurance consultant.

To have your questions answered talk to us

To find out more about tradesman business insurance and to organise a trade insurance quote contact us.

Call us today on 1800 872 331.

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