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Trades Insurance for Tradies

Do you know what Trade Insurance you need?

If you’re like most Tradies, you don’t really know and you don’t really want to know. You have enough to worry about with your day to day jobs. You know that you need to be insured, you just need someone to take away the hassle. That’s where Tradesure comes in.

Tradesure specialises in Trade Insurance for Tradies. We can not only help you decide on what insurance cover you need, but organise it for you and even set up monthly payments for you.

Trades Insurance – what are the different types?

There are various different types of insurance you can organise for your business, but below are the main types of insurance specifically aimed at trades.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance will cover damage to property or injury to people (other than employees) as a result of the actions of yourself (Tradesperson) or one of your employees. An example is if someone was to trip over your equipment on a job site and injure themselves. Find out more about Public Liability Insurance.

Injury & Illness Insurance

Injury and Illness Insurance will cover you if you can’t work due to an injury or illness. Even if your injury happens playing in the park with the kids. Find out more about Injury and Illness Insurance.

Tool Insurance

Tool Insurance is an insurance that we highly recommend. It will cover the replacement cost of your work tools if they are stolen. If you have a screwdriver stolen on site you might not even notice, but imagine if a Carpenter gets their circular saw stolen; work will literally grind to a halt. Worse still, what if your entire toolbox is stolen: imagine the cost to replace. Find out more about Tool Insurance for Tradies.

Trailer Insurance

Most Tradies wouldn’t consider not having their vehicle insured, but then forget about the work trailer. Your work trailer is just as important as your car; in some cases even more important. Without a trailer you can’t get your tools and machinery to the job site. Find out more about Trailer Insurance.

Contract Works Insurance

Contract Works Insurance (sometimes known as construction insurance) is specifically aimed at construction projects, so therefore Builders. It will cover loss or damage to property during construction. It is also commonly a requirement of many financial institutions when funding projects. Find out more about Contract Works Insurance.

These are the main trade insurance types you should consider as a Tradie. Remember, if you’re not sure, feel free to fill in a contact form or call us on 1800 872 331.