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Trade Insurance Claim Forms

Need to claim? Call us first!

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When you need to make a claim on your trade insurance give us a call before you do anything else.

  1. We’ll explain what you need to do and which form you need to download from the list below.
  2. We’ll also let you know if you need to supply anything else.
  3. It’s all about making the claim process as easy as possible but more importantly as FAST as possible.

Trades Insurance – Downloadable Claim Forms

Your Tradesure representative will explain which form you need from the list below.

Be sure to call Tradesure first, when you need to make a claim on your trade insurance.

All you need to do is print out the form, fill it in, and get it back to us by fax or post or email.

Public Liability insurance

Click to download the Liability Claim Form

Contract Works insurance

Click to download the General Claim Form

Work Tool insurance

Click to download the General Claim Form

Injury & Illness (income protection insurance)

Click to download the Personal Accident & Illness Claim Form

Vehicle/Trailer insurance

Click to download the Motor Claim Form

Trade Public Liability Insurance

Ensuring you have the right Public Liability Insurance is our priority. Protecting yourself and your business from financial ruin is essential!Public Liability Insurance information »

Income Protection Insurance

What if you could not get to work due to sickness or an accident? Would your business survive? Provides protection if you are unable to workIncome Protection Insurance information »

Trade Tool Insurance

Wherever you are in Australia, loosing your tools due to theft or accidents can put your business and your work schedule back significantly.Tools Insurance information »

Builders Contract Works

Builders Contract Works insurance or Construction insurance will cover your building works for loss or damage during construction.Builders Contract Insurance information »

Trailer Insurance

If you're a tradesman, there are a few things you should know when asking for commercial vehicle insurance quotes to ensure you get the best value policy.Trailer Insurance information »
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