The Ultimate Guide To Electricians Insurance

08 Aug 2023

All tradies have specific skills and risks involved with doing their job, but as an electrician you know there’s no shortcuts when it comes to safety.

That’s why having the right insurance is a must. For electrical contractors and businesses the policy you need is ‘Electricians Insurance’.

Here, we explain the insurance types you’ll need as an electrician, why you need them and let you in on how to get covered the easy way.

What is Electrician Insurance?

As an Electrician, your insurance needs are very specific and you need a policy that suits your work and business... 

That’s where Electrician Insurance comes in. 

Essentially, Electricians Insurance is a suite of different insurance covers, and together they offer complete cover for electricians.

Depending on your work and business circumstances the following policies may be required:

Where to Start with Electricians Insurance?

Of course, you may not need all the policies mentioned above, and it can be confusing to work out which ones you should take out, especially when there are industry regulations and licencing to consider….

In Australia, industry requirements can differ from state to state, particularly compulsory licences and insurance. However, the basic requirements may not provide adequate cover for your circumstances, which can leave you in a difficult financial position if the worst was to happen.

With all this in mind, and to better understand your situation and insurance needs, it’s helpful to  consider the various aspects of your electrician work and think about the following factors:

It’s a lot to think about. Having an expert by your side can help you make the right decision and find the policy that suits your needs.

The value of an insurance broker

While you can get an insurance policy from any number of general insurers, it’s smart to work with people who understand your industry, know your risks and speak your language. By buying from a broker, you’re getting a solution that’s been developed to cater for your risks based on years of experience in your industry, rather than a generic solution.

And when you need to make a claim, you can rest assured our dedicated team will handle that quickly and expertly – meaning you can get on with your day.

Get advice from an Electricians Insurance professional

Get advice from an Electricians Insurance pro by calling 1800 872 331, or contact our team for a free, no obligation quote.

Looking for cover?

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