How To Fast Track Your Insurance Claim

27 Jul 2021

Waiting to hear back about your insurance claim can feel like waiting for rain in the desert. 

When your home or business is damaged, life gets complicated. You don’t need the added stress of chasing your insurance company to speed up your claim. 

There are many reasons why claims get delayed and take longer than expected to settle. 

To help you out, we break down how you can fast track your insurance claim.

Know Your Policy

Understanding all the details of your insurance policy and what’s covered will help you have confidence when making a claim. 

Everything your insurance company does will be based on your policy definitions, agreements, exclusions, and conditions. If you know what to expect, this will help things settle faster. 

Document Your Insurance Claim

It’s important to document everything related to your claim from the first day. Take photos, notes, recordings. Being involved in the claim process and providing documentation for the insurance company can help speed up your claim. 

Keep Track Of Everything

Make sure you keep track of everything relating to your claim. Write down details of conversations, disagreements and events, and create a system to keep track, like a simple notebook. 

Provide Evidence Of Your Insurance Claim

The best way to fast track your claim is by helping the insurer. 

If you can provide evidence and proof of your loss, this will help your claim settle faster. Include receipts, personal property documentation, repair estimates, and bills. 

Talk To The Experts

The insurance claim settlement process can be complicated. If you need help with your claim, turn to the experts. Getting professional advice can help you move forward and get your home or business back in order. 

Looking For Insurance?

At Tradesure, we provide insurance for tradies, subcontractors and builders across Australia. As part of the Regional Insurance Brokers network, we can provide our clients with a broad range of products, exclusive policy options, and competitive pricing. 

When you need to make a claim, you’ll have us backing and supporting you through the process. We make things easier so you can get back to the tools. 

Talk to our team for sound advice on all your insurance needs and to get a quote today. 

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