Trailer Insurance, What Is It and Why You Need it

09 Nov 2020

If you’re a tradie who uses a trailer to store your tools or specialised equipment, it’s a good idea to have Trailer Insurance.

While it isn’t legally required to be covered, you could be risking a lot by leaving yourself uninsured. There’s a fair bit of risk in a tradesperson’s line of work and if you rely on your trailer and its contents for your trade, you’ll be left vulnerable.

What Is It?

Put simply, trailer insurance will provide financial cover should something happen involving your trailer. 

The cost to get insured very much depends on the value of your trailer and the insurer you choose. It’s always best to have a chat to a trades insurance expert before you purchase so you know you’ve got all your bases covered.

What Can Go Wrong? 

Even if your vehicle and tools are insured, your trailer may not be included, especially if you frequently leave it unhooked. This means you can be left exposed to a range of costs if something happens to it.

Trailer insurance can get you covered in the event of:

There are a range of things that can go wrong involving your trailer and if you don’t have insurance, you’ll have to wear the consequences.

What Can I Claim?

In the event that something does happen, you’ll be able to claim the costs associated with:

Make sure you talk to your insurer to know exactly what your trailer insurance covers, how comprehensive it is and what claims you can make. A good insurer will tailor your insurance to suit your needs... which is why you should choose Tradesure!

Tradie talking to insurance broker

How Do I Get It?

Make sure you are covered with an insurer you trust. The team at Tradesure will provide a free quote for your trailer and talk you through any insurance you have or additional insurance might require. 

Get in contact with us today to get covered!

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