What To Do After A Damage Or Loss Of Property

22 Oct 2020

Unexpected damage to or loss of property is, unfortunately, a very real possibility for tradespeople and it’s important that you are prepared to deal with the aftermath.

Having the correct insurance can make dealing with the consequences of losing or damaging property significantly easier than going without. This applies for your own property, as well as someone else’s which you could be liable for.

It’s always good to get informed about the necessary insurances for your trade and at Tradesure, we are more than happy to give you all the information. 

Read on for our guide on what to do in the aftermath of damage or loss of property.

If it’s Your Own Property

Whether it’s caused by theft, accident or a Natural Disaster, damage or loss of your own property can significantly impact your own ability to work. 

Trailer Insurance and Tool Insurance for Tradesmen & Contractors are two of the most important insurances tradies can have and will cover you financially should anything happen to your tools or trailer. This also means you can get back to work fast without the hassle of replacing these key assets. 

If you’re not covered, replacing or repairing these items will need to come out of your own pocket and if a key item has been damaged or lost, this will greatly hinder your ability to get back to work. 

If it’s Someone Else’s Property

Causing damage to someone else’s property is a real risk in the trade industry. On the job, accidents can happen and as a result, a claim can be lodged against you. This means you can be liable for financial compensation required after the damages. 

Tradesman Public Liability Insurance makes sure that you are covered financially for any compensation that you might owe. It also makes sure the people affected by the damage get the money they need to replace or repair the property. 

Make a Claim

At Tradesure, making a claim is easy. Give us a call first, so we can tell you everything you need to know about making a claim and what additional information you might need to supply. Then, download the appropriate Claim Form, complete it and send it to us via email, fax or post. 

For any information, consultations or quotes regarding the insurance that you require, don’t hesitate to get in contact with the team at Tradesure.

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