Everything You Need To Know About Plumbers Insurance

15 Jul 2020

Looking for the right plumbers insurance? If you work on a building site or private property, you’re already well aware that things can (and will) go wrong  - and that’s where having the right kind of insurance comes in. Insurance that covers the unique needs of tradies, including plumbers, will help protect your business in the event of something going wrong. After all - sometimes accidents happen!

Just like every plumbing job can be different, we know that there’s no “one size” fits all insurance for plumbers and tradies. Our Plumbers Insurance covers a myriad of different policies, and we’ll help you tailor them to the way you do things on the job. Read on to find out everything you need to know about choosing your Plumbers Insurance:

Trade Tool Insurance

Losing your tools due to theft or accidents can put your business and your work schedule back significantly. Tradesure’s Plumbers Insurances provides Work Tool Insurance for all your mobile equipment, stock and tools, meaning you’ll avoid out of pocket costly replacements and work downtime due to buying new equipment by insuring your tools and equipment.

Public Liability Insurance

Plumbers Public Liability Insurance is necessary for all plumbing contractors in the event of damage to either your property or to another person while on the job. Tradesure covers you by providing competitively priced Public Liability insurance for your business and ensuring that you won’t be out of pocket, should anything go wrong. 

Builder Contracts Work

This type of insurance is necessary incase of damage to the work you are doing while under construction from occurrences such as flood, storm, theft of materials and fire. Although this is often insured by the builder on projects, there might be cause for you as a plumber  to insure the work/contract you are undertaking.  

Income Protection

What if you couldn’t work due to sickness or an accident? Plumbers commonly cover their work vehicle and tools, but neglect to cover their most important asset – their income. Not to be confused with WorkCover, Illness and Injury Insurance is quite a different matter. It’s designed to pay an income when you are unable to work whether the cause of your injury or illness is work related or not 24/7.

Trailer Insurance

Our Tradesure team can advise on the best work vehicle and trailer insurance for you.  For plumbers, a work vehicle/ trailer is like a third arm - you can’t carry out your job without one! Luckily, you can protect your assets and livelihood with our Tradesure Work Vehicle/Trailer Insurance.

Plumbers are one of our largest customer groups here at Tradesure - so it’s safe to say that when it comes to Plumbers Insurance, we know our stuff. We know how they operate their businesses and most importantly, we understand that plumbers need insurance that is specific to their field. Tradesure specialises in insurance for tradies, subbers and builders, meaning that we can give the best possible insurance cover for plumbers, and at the most competitive price. 

For insurance the most competitive cover for plumbers, fill in an online insurance quote form or if you’re not sure what you need, simply fill in a contact form, or call us on 1800 872 33.

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