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Kitchens can be dangerous, unpredictable places to work. The fast pace of service, time pressures, sharp knives, hot ovens, scorching pans, and uncoordinated apprentices combine to present an environment that’s full of hazards. With all this to deal with every day, the last thing you want to think about is whether your insurance will cover you if something goes wrong. That’s where Tradesure come in, we have done the research, customised the policies, checked every loop hole and tackled all the red tape to provide you with top quality chef and catering insurance.

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Getting the right catering public liability insurance is essential in Australia’s modern hospitality industry. If a customer, member of the public or employee were to slip and hurt themselves within the area you are responsible for, whether that be a restaurant, bar or a function held in a barn, you could be up for a large legal or compensation bill. This is just one example of a situation which could lead to the need for public liability cover. To ensure your business doesn’t suffer financially call the Tradesure team for a public liability insurance policy tailor made for your catering business.


If you were injured or became ill and were off work, would you be able to cover your bills? Support your family? Cover the costs of replacing yourself in your business? Pay the mortgage? No? Most small business owners or self employed chefs would find it hard financially to be off work for a period of time. Illness and injury insurance can cover a percentage of your income while you recover. Tradesure sickness and accident insurance provides 24/7 protection, at work or on your day off.


Tradesure also provide top quality tool insurance for catering businesses, to cover your knives and work equipment. Our team can put together a package including many other trade insurance’s such as transit, statutory liability, property and theft, if what you need is not on our website just ask. Call Tradesure today and speak to one of our friendly, experienced insurance advisers (Yep, that’s right, a real person) on 1800 872 331 or get a quick free Chef Insurance Quote right now.