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Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance

Key cover for protecting you and yours

Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance offers financial protection for you and your business if you’re liable for the injury or property damage of a person, including your customers, members of the public and suppliers.

As a tradie and sole trader, protecting your business and financial future is up to you. It’s essential you take the right steps to ensure you’re protected from financial ruin…

The right Public Liability Insurance for your Sole Trader business can protect your livelihood from financial ruin. 

If a person is injured or sustains property damage because of the negligent activities of you or your business… you could be sued! Would you be able to pay the costs of claims made against you? It’s unlikely you’d be able to recover financially.

Without Public Liability Insurance, an unforeseen incident could force you to the wall because of the financial burden.

When you’re a self employed tradie or sole trader, Public Liability Insurance is the only way to get that peace of mind you need to sleep soundly. But you need the right Public Liability Insurance, with enough cover to fulfil the extent of claims that could be made against you…

Our priority at Tradesure is to ensure tradies have the correct Public Liability Insurance.


What is Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

Public Liability Insurance is a type of cover that protects you if you directly or indirectly cause injury to a person or cause damage to property while performing work on a job site.

In many instances, sole traders and self employed tradies are required to have Public Liability Insurance before you can start any work. This may be a legal obligation for your industry or a specification by the client; this is often true for large contract jobs.

Even if Public Liability Insurance is not a legal requirement, sole traders and self employed tradies really should consider it a must.

It’s just not worth the risk of not having it, because… accidents happen!

If you’re a tradesman on a job site and someone is injured by tripping over your equipment or is accidentally electrocuted, there are two things you need:

  1. Public Liability Insurance; and
  2. Enough Public Liability Insurance cover for the full extent of the claims made against you.

Having Public Liability Insurance means that if you ever need to make a claim, your insurer will take care of things for you quickly and painlessly… You’ll have the help and protection you need.

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Why Get Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

As a sole trader, Public Liability Insurance is the most important type of insurance for you and your tradie business and the one you don’t want to be without… But why?

If an accident happens, and you are sued over property damage or personal injury you cause, Public Liability Insurance is the cover that can save your livelihood; your family home and finances

And as a tradie, it’s pretty much essential; you’re working in a high risk industry, where accidents and mishaps are a reality. And that’s why Public Liability Insurance is one of the most widely used forms of cover for tradespeople…

Any claim for damages can be significant… there’s the cost of repairs, replacements, labour costs, rehabilitation and medical expenses. These can easily add up to thousands, tens of thousands and even millions.

Luckily for plumber and sole trader Hamish, he had Public Liability Insurance when he failed to notice a pipe he’d sealed in the ceiling of a newly renovated holiday home was slowly leaking…

It was Friday afternoon and he was the last person on site until Monday morning. The resulting water damage was substantial and affected almost the entire ground level, not to mention the ceiling.

Of course, he was horrified and hugely apologetic, but at least he wasn’t financially ruined. His insurance responded to the event and covered the $100 000 damages costs. He could get back to work without too much worry.

In the worst cases, a person could die, be seriously injured or permanently disabled as a result of the negligent activities of you or your business, and you may be liable for millions of dollars.

By getting Public Liability Insurance, you are protecting yourself against personal and professional financial ruin.

But remember you’re only covered for the amount you’re insured for and this is usually $5 million, $10 million or $20 million. That’s why our priority at Tradesure is to ensure tradies have the right Public Liability Insurance. 


What Is Not Covered By Sole Trader Public Liability Insurance?

While Public Liability Insurance covers you and your business for injuries or property damage you cause to others, it does not cover your property or injuries. 

Tradesman Injury & Illness Insurance (Income Protection Insurance) will cover you if you become injured at work; it will even cover you if you get injured away from work.

Tool Insurance and Vehicle and Trailer Insurance will cover most of your property if it becomes damaged or stolen.

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