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Injured away from work . What cover do you need to protect your income these Christmas Holidays.

Injury and illness covers tradesman 24/7. You could be at work, at home putting up the Christmas lights or kicking the footy after Christmas lunch – in any case, we’ve got you covered

At Tradesure we often ask tradesmen how they would cope if they were off work for six months. Would they have enough savings to cover the cost of the rent, mortgage or car payments or their most basic living expenses? These are important questions to consider when reviewing your insurance policies

Unlike WorkCover, Income Protection Insurance covers more than just work related incidents.  Tradesure Injury & Illness Insurance provides up to 5 years of financial benefits if you have an accident and up to 2 years financial benefits if you get sick and can’t go to work.

For tradesmen, Income Protection Insurance provides continued regular income while they take time off to recover. In some cases, it allows them to employ people in their business as they may not be able to rely on business profits for income.

It’s not too late to make sure you’re covered ….give us a call 1800 024 799 

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