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How To Get Photography Insurance The Easy Way

As a photographer, getting the perfect shot is vital… but there is nothing more important than protecting yourself, your equipment and your clients.

While photography isn’t the most hazardous industry, there are situations that can be risky. Whether you’re a wedding, sports or portrait photographer, there are always scenarios where your equipment can be damaged or your client or yourself are injured.

Considering the cost of the equipment used in photography too, getting insurance is the smartest thing a photographer can do.

Photographers Insurance doesn’t have to be complex either. 

To wrap your head around it quickly, we’ve broken down the most essential components of a comprehensive photography insurance package…

Public Liability Insurance

For any photography business, Public Liability Insurance is essential. 

If anything happens to your subject or their property during a shoot, you could be liable for damages or injuries. 

This usually requires you to provide financial compensation to the affected parties. Photography businesses and freelancers are often small and this requirement to pay can have a huge impact on the business’s finances.

To ensure you aren’t going to be at risk and out of pocket, Tradesure can tailor a Public Liability Insurance policy suited to your photography business.

Camera Insurance

A photographer’s greatest asset and tool is their camera… which is why it is essential that it has protection.

Camera insurance will ensure your camera and its accessories are protected.

This can include cover for your:

  • Camera
  • Lenses
  • Tripods
  • Lighting equipment

Consequently, if any of this equipment is damaged, lost, stolen or vandalised and you have to replace it on short notice, this will cost you time and money.

In order to protect your livelihood, make sure you talk to a trusted insurance broker about including camera and equipment insurance in your photography insurance package

Income Protection Insurance

Like any business, your work depends on you and your staff to be healthy and functional to do your job.

If this isn’t the case, you’ll want to ensure that you still have an income, or that you can still pay your staffs’.

That’s why income protection insurance, or injury and illness insurance, is crucial to any business, including photography. To ensure you, your business and your family are protected, make sure to include Income protection insurance in your policy.

Need A Photography Insurance Package?

To get insured quickly, talk to the trusted team at Tradesure about your work and what insurance you require. 

Our experienced brokers will tailor a policy that suits you and get what you are entitled to when it’s time to make a claim.

Contact the team today to get covered!

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